Homemade Granola Bars

As I’ve mentioned on Instagram the last couple of weeks, I have been in the process of moving—which is why I have been MIA on here the last 2 weeks. Finally, this last weekend I was able to settle into my new apartment in Sioux Falls, SD… and I am loving it! It’s always fun to decorate and make a new environment home. Plus, my mom and I will take any excuse to bring out our inner Joanna Gaines. (Unfortunately, I don’t think the landlord will allow any shiplap).

Now that I am starting this next chapter of my life as a Hy-Vee dietitian, it reminds me of the same excitement of starting a new school year. That’s part of the bummer about growing up and getting a big girl job—there’s no anticipation of a new school year at the end of the summer. A new job is as close as it gets to hopping back into school. So just like young Amanda used to anxiously pack her bag for the first day of school, I did the same with my work and lunch bags for my first day today. (NeRD—I know, I know). When reminiscing on things I used to pack for my lunches growing up, I had a huge craving for granola bars. Yum! So I decided to re-create them for my “big girl” lunch bag this week.

Homemade Granola Bars
Granola Bars 3
The nice thing about this recipe is that you can easily modify it with whatever you are in the mood for. I couldn’t decide if I wanted chocolate-y or  fruity—so I did both. You could easily swap out for a different nut butter. You could also use agave nectar instead of honey if you live a vegan lifestyle. I’m thinking of trying it with coconut next time. The variations are endless! (My recipe was inspired by this one). 

Granola Bars 2Granola Bar Recipe ScreenshotWhat reminds you of childhood packed lunches?

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