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Today I am honored to introduce my guest blogger, Kylie! Kylie is a senior dietetics student at South Dakota State University. She has been collaborating with me this summer to complete some of her dietetics practicum hours. Kylie is the soul sister I didn’t even know I needed. Not only is she passionate about nutrition, but she is also a yoga instructor. Kylie’s instagram account is how I initially found her. Her posts are inspiring and always leave me wanting to roll out my mat. Enjoy her words about mindfulness and yoga today. Be sure to check out her blog, Peace, Love, & Aum.

XO, Amanda


Hello, Friends! I am excited to talk about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Yoga is a beautiful practice that can be very accessible to many people! Yoga started as an avenue of meditation and as a way to dive deeper into the inner self by using the physical body as a catalyst. When we practice yoga, the goal is not to give the physical body a workout. Although this may be a bonus, the practice focuses on clearing the mind and being in the present moment.


How many times throughout the day do you find yourself thinking about the past or worrying about the future? It happens much more than we even realize. This is where the yoga practice of mindfulness comes into play. To my best understanding, mindfulness is being aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling in the present moment. During a physical yoga practice, mindfulness is SO important. When you are mindful, you can ask your body what it needs from you during your practice. Maybe your body needs you to take things slow or maybe it needs for you to test its boundaries. These are all things that you should be aware of during a yoga class.


How to begin practicing mindfulness in yoga and in life.

  • Before you begin your physical practice (whether it be at home or a studio), ask yourself how you feel at that very moment. Tune into your body and truly assess what it needs. Are you sore? Are there areas of your body that are tight? Do you feel really good? Does your body just need to move? After you have tuned into your body, honor its needs.
  • During the yoga class, be aware of your body in each pose and each movement that you do. Try to not let your mind wander, but focus on your breath. Let it bring you into the “now.” Do this throughout your whole class and then start applying it to your life.
  • You can apply mindfulness to the food you choose to eat, where you choose to spend your free time, and how you choose to react to certain situations.


When you embody mindfulness, you get to experience all of the joys that life has to offer. Living in the present moment leads to a greater awareness and appreciation for the little things in life. This can lead to decreased stress and anxiety and a deeper understanding of what makes you happy and unhappy. Yoga provides you with the tools to live in the present moment and to be mindful so that you can choose to live a life that truly brings you joy. This is what yoga can teach you, if you allow it.

Peace & Love

Kylie Serie, RYT-200
Peace, Love, & Aum

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