Self Care Kit—How to Create One

Self care seems to be a hot topic these days. When you hear the phrase, images of bath bombs, manicures and pedicures might come to mind. While those things are fun and wonderful, wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring the self care right to your home? Awhile back, I created my own Self Care Kit so that I always have something to pull out at the end of a long day when I need some peace of mind.

Self Care Kit

There are countless things you can add to your own kit. The items might also change throughout the year. Here is what I currently have in mine:

self care kit
  1. Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask
  2. Essential Oils and Rollers–I’m not partial to any brands. I know some people are a bit more picky about quality, but to me a smell is a smell, ha. I like to use peppermint in a roller that I purchased on Amazon. It helps with headaches when I roll on my temples and the base of my neck. (Maybe placebo???)
  3. Fun Markers and Pens
  4. Journal–Spilling whatever is on my mind on the pages of a journal has been therapeutic since I was in middle school. Give it a try!
  5. Inspiration Affirmations Cards–I enjoy meditation and affirmations, so these cards are fun. I usually draw a random one from the deck.
  6. Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel–I’ve been getting those FabFitFun boxes for the last two seasons and they really are fun! In my last box, I received this muscle gel and I like to put it on my shoulders. I’m on the computer a lot during the day and tend to hold a lot of tension in that area. This gel has been a nice addition.
  7. Physique 57 Massage Roller-This was another winner from a previous FabFitFun box. I use this on my shoulders, back, quads…basically all over. It feels so good! I swear I have the back pain of an 80-year old some days.
  8. Nail Polish
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Not all self care practices are “items” in my life. Here are some other ways that I practice self care:

  • Listen to a podcast. I keep a list of my favorites on the blog for you.
  • Meditate. I use the Headspace App.
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a nap (if it’s too late in the day, I try to avoid this because it disrupts my nighttime sleep and then isn’t such a great act of self care anymore)
  • Cook something yummy without caring at all about the nutritional value
  • Yoga
  • Clean (I’m not kidding! haha. Cleaning and organizing my home helps me clear my mind sometimes).

What are some things/actions currently in your personal Self Care Kit? Is there anything you want to add?

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  1. I love this idea!! I’m defintely ​going to put one together tomorrow as I’ve been seriously slacking in the self care department and have not even let myself truly relax in a while!

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