Exciting News–Young Dietitian of the Year!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this on my blog because it seemed a bit like a “humble brag;” but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, so here we go:

I was nominated and awarded South Dakota’s Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year for 2019!!

How crazy is that?!!!

I’m truly so thankful for the nominations that I received from fellow dietitians. Dietetics makes up a HUGE chunk of my life so it felt really nice to receive some positive feedback in this form.

In the spirit of being extra excited about my profession, I thought I would share a few pictures/memories from my career thus far. 🙂

The day I was matched to my Internship in 2014
Dr. Kendra Kattelmann giving me the Outstanding Senior Award from the
Department of Education & Human Services in 2014
Studying abroad in Taiwan in 2014
Graduating from Illinois State University in the combined internship
and masters program in 2016
I posted this to Instagram in June 2016 the day I officially
became a Registered Dietitian
Lauren and I at our first job as clinical dietitians in 2016.
This was taken during our first television interview 🙂
One of my first television interviews after switching jobs
to become a Hy-Vee dietitian
Having a presence on social media has afforded me so many opportunities, such as becoming friends with Cara Harbstreet from Kansas City

Thank you so much to anyone who put up with me complaining about my chemistry classes in college and supported me in my journey to become a dietitian. I couldn’t have made it this far in my career without so many lovely role model dietitians, supportive friends, and loving family. Thanks a million! 🙂

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