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One of the reasons I first fell in love with blogs was because I felt small connections with strangers from other corners of the world. Maybe that sounds bizarre. (I guess it sort of is when you think about it.) Maybe I’m just nosey. But there’s something I really enjoy about hearing about someone else’s daily struggles and triumphs. Sometimes it makes me feel less alone, while other times I’m inspired. This brings me to the idea of doing monthly coffee dates on my blog. One of my favorite dietitians/bloggers, Robyn Nohling of The Real Life RD has done coffee date posts like this for awhile. I’m always drawn to the concept. So cuddle up with a fun drink and a cozy blanket, and let’s chat for a bit. (Almost as if we were face-face at a local coffee shop.)

Spilling the Beans November Coffee Date.

Love and Loss

If you follow me on social media, then you may have already heard me talk about losing my grandma last month. It’s one of those things you know is always in the future. But still hits you like a ton of bricks when the day finally arrives. I’ve been fortunate to have had all 4 grandparents until the age of 27. I know not everyone can say that. And I am truly grateful, but the loss still stings.

Grandma Arlys was a special lady. I loved her so darn much. I grew up in the same town as my paternal grandparents so it was often that I went on adventures with them. My brother spent summer days at the golf course with my grandpa, while grandma picked me up to go to coffee with one of her many friends. The week she passed away, I was over at my grandparent’s house while I was back in my hometown. I was so excited to tell her that I was planning to take a week off for Christmas and hoped we could make cut-out cookies together like we always did growing up. I won’t get that chance again. But I have pictures dating back to the 90’s and even college to remind me of all of those years we kept that tradition alive.

November Coffee Date with Spilling the Beans Nutrition. Amanda shares of loss of her grandma.

Have you lost someone close to you before? What’s a tradition you still keep alive in their honor? Lately, I’ve been digging up grandma’s old recipes to make on my own. The first picture in this post is of grandma’s taco soup I made over the weekend.

Social Media Breaks

While coping with losing my grandma, I’ve found myself spending less time on social media. It hasn’t necessarily been intentional. I just haven’t been in as much of a mood. When I first started my dietitian instagram account, I was seeing a therapist. At the time, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to have a “perfectly curated feed” and grow my following quickly. My therapist knew that I was an advocate of intuitive eating and suggested I look at social media in a similar way—intuitively. And that’s exactly what I’ve found myself doing the past couple of months. I have posts planned weeks in advance, but there are some days I don’t feel like participating — so I don’t. In the past, I used to think you needed to post every single day. But now, I’m finding that I’d rather be completely authentic with the people in the community, rather than pump out posts for the sake of content. I’ve found myself drawn to other people who approach social media similarly. I want to slow down more instead of feeling like “go, go, go” on the internet all the time.

Seasons of Rest

Did the time change a couple of weeks ago hit anyone else hard? *raises hand* Maybe I just forget how much it affects me every year, but this year seemed particularly difficult. Let me just say, walking out to your car at 5pm when it’s already dark out is NOT my jam. I kid you not, the first day of the time change, I was lounging in my living room and happened to think “I suppose it’s about time to head to bed for the night.” I looked over at the clock and it was 6:30pm. 6:30PM!!! Yikes! I’m slowly acclimating, but it’s been tough to want to go to the gym. I enjoy movement and the rush of endorphins it gives me. And my relationship with exercise is MUCH improved from where it was a few years back. But lately it’s felt like pulling teeth to get there. So instead of forcing it, I’ve been doing my best to honor my body’s desire for rest or forms of slower movement like yoga.

Despite the earlier sunset, it has brought some pretty skies.

Tell me how everything has been going in your life! Are you looking forward to the holidays like I am? Drop a line in the comments. I’d love to hear from you, friend.

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