Principle 6: Discover the Satisfaction Factor (PODCAST)

In Episode 12 of Spilling the Beans, Amanda chats with weight-inclusive dietitian, Lisa Lombardini, about the difference between fullness and satisfaction, why satisfaction is the hub of intuitive eating, and how we can start to identify what foods are satisfying for us. 

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Guest Bio

Lisa Lombardini, MS, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian who uses her counseling skills to
help patients work towards a healthier relationship with food. During her two years as a
dietitian, Lisa has gained experience working in clinical nutrition and providing nutrition
education for groups. She is also the owner of Full Permission Nutrition, a private practice
based in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. She has a master’s degree in food and nutrition
and uses her nutrition knowledge to help patients manage a variety of conditions without
sacrificing the food and experiences they enjoy.

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