Principle 8: Respect Your Body (PODCAST)

respect your body

In Episode 14 of Spilling the Beans, we cover Principle 8: Respect Your Body. Amanda chats with Dr. Nancy Ellis-Ordway, LCSW, PhD about trends she has seen over the course of her career, body acceptance vs. body love, what you can find in her book, and so much more. 

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Guest Bio

Nancy Ellis-Ordway, LCSW, PhD, is a psychotherapist with more than thirty years’ experience, specializing in treating eating disorders, body image issues, stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. She has a private practice in Jefferson City, MO. In addition to a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University, she completed the Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute and a Ph.D. in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Missouri. She is the author of “Thrive at Any Weight: Eating to Nourish Body, Soul, and Self-Esteem“* (2019).    

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