Principle 9: Respect Your Body (PODCAST)


In Episode 15 of Spilling the Beans, we cover Principle 9: Exercise – Feel the Difference. Amanda chats with Heather Caplan, RD about how to tell if you have have an intuitive relationship with exercise, whether you can follow a training plan and still be intuitive, some of our own stories about our journey with exercise and so much more.

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Guest Bio

Heather Caplan is a US-based registered dietitian with a virtual private practice. and founder of Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND). She also hosts the weekly podcast, RD Real Talk, where she chats with fellow dietitians about the anti-diet, weight-inclusive paradigms. Her work has been featured in national publications such as The Washington Post, Runner’s World, EatingWell, and on NBC’s TODAY Show. Follow her work on Instagram, @RDRealTalk and @heatherDCRD (sports nutrition things), or visit

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