Weight Bias in Healthcare (PODCAST)

weight bias

In Episode 18 of Spilling the Beans, we are covering Weight Bias in Healthcare. I chat with Lori Brown, RDN, LDN about weight bias and what it is, examples of weight bias in healthcare, how weight stigma can worsen health, and how Lori has experienced weight bias in the healthcare setting herself. This was an eye-opening conversation that I am glad you will be able to listen in on.

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Guest Bio

Lori Brown, RD, LDN has been working as a registered dietitian for over 15 years. In 2014, she finally stepped into her first eating disorder dietitian position in Tennessee where she resides. More recently, she went through the process to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and was the second professional to obtain this certification in Middle Tennessee. Lori offers a non-nonsense approach to change. She is a radical “anti-diet” dietitian on a mission to come along side people and help them ditch diet mentality.

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