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amazon kitchen

Admittedly, I’ve been very into the Amazon shopping scene since quarantine. With moving to Indianapolis in the middle of the pandemic, online shopping has been a lifesaver. Plus, I really enjoy getting packages in the mail. Sue me. Today I decided to share my favorite Amazon kitchen finds. I’ve found so many gadgets and organizational items from Amazon that I thought you all might like as well.

As a disclaimer, all of these Amazon kitchen finds use links with my Amazon affiliate where I have the potential to earn a small commission off purchases. Hopefully this goes without saying, but I would never promote anything I don’t actually love and would 100% purchase again. 🙂

amazon kitchen

1. Fridge Organization Containers

fridge organization

The first of my Amazon kitchen finds is this fridge organization set. When it comes to organization, I’m pretty type-A. These clear containers always keep my fridge in order and spark joy in a strange way. Highly recommend!

2. Cabinet Turntable

cabinet lazy susan

To build off of my love for organization, this turntable/lazy Susan is great for your cabinets. I use the double-decker for my spices. I have a couple other single cabinet turntables to put my oils, baking soda, etc. Absolutely love this Amazon kitchen find!

3. Airtight Containers with Labels

airtight containers

Are you noticing the trend with my Amazon kitchen recommendations? I have a deep love for organization. I love these clear containers. I place flour, sugar, chocolate chips, pasta…everything in these containers. This set also comes with labels. I personally use my label maker – but you can use these!

4. Spice Containers with Labels

spice containers

I posted about these spice containers on Instagram when I first got them back in April and had a lot of people ask me for the link. So naturally I had to include them in my Amazon kitchen favorites. These come with a couple different types of labels. I use the clear ones. They also come with a funnel so you don’t make a mess. They look really nice in your cabinets on the turntable I mentioned earlier.

5. Silicone Muffin Liners

muffin liners

These silicone muffin liners are my most recent Amazon kitchen purchase. I never have muffin liners on hand and I’ve been trying to avoid the disposable paper goods if I can help it. I made individual breakfast egg muffins in these and they were so convenient for work in the morning. They were also easy to clean. While, I haven’t made actual muffins or cupcakes with them yet, I will report back on how they work when I do.

6. Popsicle Molds

Popsicle molds

I originally purchased these molds for a news segment I did last summer on homemade popsicles. I continue to keep reaching for them. When I make fruit smoothies, I make extra and then freeze the remains in the molds. It ends up being cheaper than purchasing at the grocery store.

7. Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags

stasher bags

Next up are these reusable sandwich bags. I’ve had the sandwich and snack bags for a couple of years now and I haven’t looked back. They are dishwasher safe and it’s another step to help me eliminate single-use paper and plastic goods in my kitchen.

8. Jar Opening Grips

jar opening grips

These are another more recent Amazon kitchen purchase. I always seem to have one heck of a time opening jars. These have been a lifesaver. In the past, I always tapped the edge of my lids with a butter knife to try and loosen the lids. Now I just whip these out of my drawer and the lid comes right off.

9. Pancake Batter Dispenser

pancake batter dispenser

My final Amazon kitchen favorite is this pancake batter dispenser. When I was in grad school, my roommate had one of these. I remember thinking it was cool but somewhat unnecessary. However, now that I have my own — I love it! It makes uniform pancakes and I don’t make as much of a mess as I normally would.

What are some Amazon kitchen finds you would add to the list? Do you have any of these already? Drop a comment below!

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