Favorite Things

If you’re like me then you understand my love and fascination for hearing about people’s recommendations for “favorite things.” While I don’t believe that any particular item is going to make you happy, I do like to share about things that have added value in my personal life.

*Cue the Julie Andrews singing circa The Sound of Music*

  1. Veggetti Spiralizer
    • I love this handheld spiralizer that my roommate/friend in grad school gave me. It stores easily and works really well for zoodles, which are another of my faves.
  2. Yoga with Adriene
    • I have been using Adriene Mischler’s videos for about 3 years now. She is the BOMB! She is the perfect amount of silliness and zen for me. Bonus points: she is a dog lover!
  3. Wundo Seasoning 
    • One of my friends gave me a shaker of this and I am OB-SESSED!! I put it on everything. My favorite use is for scrambled eggs. Just trust me!
  4. Headspace Meditation App 
    • Over the summer, I started meditating consistently for the first time in my life. It has translated to the “real world” in helping me remember to breathe when I am feeling anxious/stressed. This was the first program I used. I tend to gravitate towards guided meditation and the voice on this app is very soothing.
  5.  Lavender Essential Oil
    • I have never looked into the efficacy of essential oils and aromatherapy. But I like the smell of the lavender oils before bed and that’s enough for me.
  6.  Lokai Bracelets
    • LOVE this company. LOVE the meaning. Check out this company and the significance of the bracelets if they are new to you. I wear my three every single day. I have two that I wear for my mom in honor of her surviving breast cancer. I also have one that supports mental health efforts.
  7.  SpaRoom Diffuser 
    • This is the diffuser that I use. I like the fun color changes when I am practicing yoga at home.
  8.  Gaiam Yoga Mat
    • I have always been partial to this company because the first video I was ever gifted was a Rodney Yee video from Gaiam. (Brings back memories of 8th grade!) Nonetheless, this mat is the perfect thickness and is aesthetically appealing. It is also more affordable than other mats on the market.
  9.  Gymshark Flex Leggings
    • I’ve never brought myself to purchase Lululemon yoga pants, but these are as close to a splurge as my penny pinching self will get. I really enjoy the fit of these leggings and they have great length for a 5’10” girl like myself. I wear them more than I should probably admit.
  10.  5-Minute Journal App
    • I’ve always been a fan of journaling. However, I tend to forget about them and allow my books to collect dust. I have been using this app more consistently and it also has encouraged me to start and end each day with gratitude.
  11.  Bad Yogi YouTube & Instagram 
    • If you have ever thought that yoga seems too “granola” and “hippy” for you, then I highly recommend Erin’s social media accounts. She is very down-to-earth and more relatable than some yogis out there. Yoga is for everyone!
  12.  Two Person Hammock 
    • Best. Purchase. EVER! I picked up one of these hammocks at my local Walmart at the beginning of the summer and I am surprised by the quality.  I had considered purchasing an Eno at one time, but then came across this. It is still holding up. I like the two person hammock, personally. It’s great for snuggling with someone–or if you’re like me, sprawling out and taking up all the space I want.

(I will continue to update this page as I think of more things that have been making me happy in my personal life. )

***Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or being paid by any of these companies. I just wanted to share some favorites. 🙂