Virtual Coaching

I provide nutrition coaching services virtually from the comfort of your home. My practice focuses on helping you build a healthier relationship with food through non-diet approaches. My emphasis is on Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®. Through our sessions, you will develop flexibility in your eating that does NOT involve guilt.

In our initial session together, we will work to understand where you are currently at in terms of your relationship with food and self. We will establish a plan that will help you move towards normalized eating and body acceptance. In the follow-up sessions, we will touch base on your goals as you continue on your journey.

Intuitive Eating is the dynamic mind-body integration of instinct, emotion, and rational thought. Through the 10 principles, you learn to honor your health by rejecting diet mentality and learning how to listen to your hunger and fullness cues. This is a non-diet approach that helps you break the cycle of dieting and build a healthier relationship with food and yourself. For more.

There are 3 things that can happen when approaching your nutrition: you lose weight, you gain weight, or your weight stays the same. The truth is that you cannot manipulate your weight long-term. In fact, 95% of diets do not sustain longterm weight loss and often people actually gain back more weight.

While many people desire weight loss, that is not the goal of Intuitive Eating. Weight loss focus needs to be put on the back burner when working through the principles of Intuitive Eating. The goal is to move towards normalized eating. And as we know from the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement, your health is not determined by a number on the scale. (But we’ll talk more about this in sessions). 

This is a common concern. Diet culture has led us to believe that we must restrict our food and manipulate our body size. In fact, diet culture is actually what causes “overeating” and bingeing. Once you make peace with food, you will learn that any food you desire is available to you. The appeal of the “forbidden fruit” is no longer there. 

There is no specific timeline when it comes to Intuitive Eating. In this process, you are unlearning years of what diet culture has taught you. It takes some time to put the Intuitive Eating principles to work in your life.

Yes. We can discuss payment options in our complimentary discovery call. If you do pay for your package upfront, you will receive a discount.

Currently I do not accept insurance. But, I will happily provide you with a superbill if you would like to submit a healthcare claim for reimbursement on your own. 

Book your complimentary discovery call on our contact page or by emailing Amanda at

Life happens. I’ve been there! There is no fee if you reschedule your appointment with at least a 24 hour notice. If you need to cancel and reschedule with less than a 24 hour notice, there will be a $25 courtesy charge. In the event of a no show, a $50 fee will be charged. Thank you for understanding!

***If you are in the Sioux Falls area, set up an appointment or store tour with me through Hy-Vee by stopping by the 26th and Marion location or calling 605-361-3442 and asking for the dietitian.